Jennifer Beth Rosenberg

Jenn in Vegas

Jennifer Rosenberg was born on May 26th 1982 in Worcester MA, where she lived for most of her life with her parents, brother and sister.

Jenn went to Worcester Academy for high school where she ran cross country and edited the schools literary magazine.

Jenn’s first real jaunt out of Worcester was to attend Colby College in Waterville Maine.  Though not a fan of Maine winters and though she never did learn to ski, Jenn loved Colby and made some great friends. She showed her Colby pride by directing the Colby Volunteer Center, giving tours to prospective students, taking care of sick students at the health center and learning to play a musical instrument, the handbells.

After college, Jenn set out to achieve her long term goal of becoming a doctor by attending Umass Medical School in Worcester. Though she did not live at home, she loved having her mom’s home cooked meals so close by and having her dad surprise her by shoveling out her car in the winter. It was during medical school that Jenn adopted her cute kitty now known affectionately as Kittledog. In medical school Jenn also traveled to Belize for a month to practice international medicine and loved this experience. As soon as Jenn did her family medicine rotation she knew that this was the field for her.

Jenn has now finally moved east and is now a resident at the Tufts Family Medicine Program in Malden MA. She loves finally being able to treat her own patients and forming the relationships with them that she knew family medicine would offer. In her (rare!) spare time she still enjoys driving back to Worcester to see her family, training for road races with her sister and brother’s girlfriend (she ran a half marathon!), hanging out with friends and relaxing with Jon and Kittledog.