Meet The Wedding Party!

Jenn and Jon
Bride and Groom
Blake Logan Rachel Rosenberg
Best Man Maid of Honor
Blake and Jon have been best friends since 6th grade. Jon won Blake’s parents’ house from them in a drinking game. Rachel has been Jenn’s favorite sister since 1986. Jenn encourages Rach to learn new things… like recipes for more desserts.
Rick James Anna Royer
Ricky and Jon have known each other since elementary school. Ricky is not named after the Superfreak but, he enjoys having people wear t-shirts with his name on them. Anna and Jenn went to Colby together. She and Jenn will one day run away together… because they just won’t remember to stop running.
Jeff Rosenberg Amy “Slash” Manganello
Jeff is Jenn’s favorite brother. Jeff is excited that Jon is in Jenn’s life mostly because, now, Jenn doesn’t frantically call him the second she (inevitably) breaks her computer. Amy is Jenn’s future sister-in-law. She is the all important vowel in Team JAR (The Rosenberg Family Running Team). She also never bowls below 300.
Joe Cronin Sarah Wright
Joe met Jon through Blake. Instantly, they started making the worst movies ever created together (with a few notable exceptions… He plays a good gorilla). Sarah is Jenn’s friend from Colby. She can never not be Wright (well, that won’t always be true 🙂 )
Rashid Haneef Jen Carini
Rashid and Jon have been friends since middle school. Rashid moved to Canton because Malden was terrible. Jon now lives just 20 feet from Malden. Jen is Jenn’s friend from Colby. If it weren’t for Jenn’s fierce devotion to going to the gym, Jen would have forced Jenn to gain 200 lbs with all the chocolate Jen’s given Jenn over the years. (good thing there’s an extra n in there or that would have been confusing)
Paul Briggs Elizabeth Schwartz
Paul Briggs: Real American Hero. Paul and Jon met during freshman move in at Northeastern. Jon poked his head into Paul’s room. Paul was busy assembling a surround sound system. Jon knew that geekery triumphs over meeting people so he promptly left the room. Elizabeth is Jon’s favorite sister. When Jon’s beloved Avalon sprung an expensive leak in the exhaust, she graciously was forced into letting him borrow her Camry indefinitely.
Tony “The Tonester” Fricia Liz Magner
Everyone should know someone like The Tonester. Jon met him in the last year he was at BSC and they quickly became super friends. So much so, they won the Residence Assistants’ Award for Dynamic Duo. Liz is Jenn’s friend from Colby. They lived in the quiet dorm. This is ironic if you’ve ever got them angry about something.